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SoundCloud Rap Star Kevin Pouya Accused of Orchestrating Gang Rape of Fan

SoundCloud Rap Star Kevin Pouya Accused of Orchestrating Gang Rape of Fan

Pouya and Fat Nick, the so-called ‘Ren and Stimpy’ of rap, built their brand name on being lovable knuckleheads. But just last year, one of those ended up being quietly accused of intimate assault.

Tarpley Hitt


In October of 2013, a skinny white kid known as Kevin Pouya uploaded a video clip to YouTube called “How to obtain Free Donuts. ” The movie opens on Pouya, appearing such as a preteen Travis Birkenstock, dealing with the digital digital camera. “Check it away, look it over, ” he states, “This is the manner in which you have free donuts, from Dunkin’ Donuts. No. Cash. Recommended. ” The camera follows Pouya and a friend as they order at a drive-thru window, grab a box of glazed, and speed off without paying, cackling out of the lot over a piano soundtrack straight from The Sims.

Miami rapper Pouya’s early YouTube show, Nick and Pouya Show, produced together with friend that is best and longtime collaborator, Fat Nick, ended up being full of pranks such as this one—silly, unscripted, low-budget, funny simply to those included. But almost couple of years later on, after Pouya scored large number of streams on SoundCloud, somewhat more body mass, and a spot that is coveted South Florida’s rap scene, he nevertheless cited their YouTube show since the beginning of their profession.

“Comedy ended up being our very first thing, ” Pouya stated of fat Nick to his partnership on No Jumper, a well known hip-hop podcast whose interviews with underground rappers act as some sort of litmus test for long-lasting viability. But even yet in their 2nd thing—writing the rough, melancholy pubs now synonymous with Southern Florida rap—Pouya and Nick constantly branded by themselves as amiable goons. Прочитать остальную часть записи »

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